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The product Giving you back time to focus on your business

Our product makes it easy for you to manage your cashflow and maximises cash availability which means you can focus on selling cars.

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Competitive rates and simple charging with interest payable monthly and no early capital repayments.


Flexibility to purchase in same day funds from mainstream auction houses, trade vendors and from own stock.

100% Funded

100% of invoices financed with all fees, delivery charges and vehicle costs included.

In Stock

Vehicle stocked for up to 120 days with no early capital repayments and with re-stocking for up to 240 days.


Friendly and professional in-house and field-based account management team, providing support to manage your account.

Answers to common questions

Where can I use my facility?

You can use your facility in major auction houses across the UK or set up other more bespoke wholesale vendor accounts. Our direct payments service aims to be the most flexible in the market.

What will I need to make an application and how quickly will I get an approval?

In order to make an application, all business owners and directors will need to complete credit search consents and personal Asset & Liability forms.

Furthermore, we will request a complete set of your latest filed financial statements, together with information in respect of your business bank account. We aim to turn around complete applications in three days.

How often do you take capital repayments?

Unlike other providers, we don’t take multiple capital repayments with further fee charges. You can stock a vehicle for 120 days without any capital repayments or any further fee charges.

How often will I be audited and what does an audit consist of?

While we get to know you and you get to know us, we may audit you more frequently. As we build a relationship, we are able to carry out more checks remotely. Remember that, while auditors are there to do a job, they are also know lots about what’s going on in the market so please feel free to speak to them.

How quickly can I add and remove vehicles from my facility?

We aim to process payments for your account, both in respect of adding and removing vehicles from your facility, same-day in 2-4 hours.

What if I have a question not covered here?

Our team is here to help. Please contact our customer services team on 0116 502 0116.

Excellent service from the team at LE Capital with funding which is quick and easy. What more can you ask for?

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